In the United States, each state has the authority to regulate contractors who work within its borders. This includes setting requirements for licensure, as well as governing the process by which licenses are issued and renewed. In the state of Georgia, the Georgia State Board of Residential and General Contractors are responsible for these functions. If you have been wondering what is the essence of having a contractor license in Georgia and how to go about getting one, this article is for you.

In order to obtain a Georgia contractors license, applicants must meet certain requirements. These include being at least 18 years of age, having a high school diploma or equivalent, completing an approved pre-license education course, and passing a state-administered examination.

It is important to note that not all contractors in Georgia are required to be licensed. Those who perform contracting work that totals less than $2,500 do not need to obtain a license. Additionally, those who only perform work that is classified as “casual labor” are also exempt from licensure.

Types of Georgia Contractors License

There are three main types of contractor licenses in Georgia that cover most contractors:

1. Residential Light Commercial (RL) – allows contracting on residential and light commercial properties. It is the most common type of contractor license. To get this license, the applicant must have a minimum of 4 years experience as a journeyman, supervisor, or foreman in their trade. Additionally, they must complete an approved pre-license education course and pass a state-administered examination.

2. General Contractor (GC) – They are allowed to work on all types of projects, both residential and commercial. To get this license, the applicant must have a minimum of 7 years experience as a journeyman or 4 years experience as a foreman. They must also pass the business and law exam, as well as the trade exam.

3. Basic Contractors – Their operation is restricted to one-family dwellings of not more than four units and low-rise office buildings, motels, hotels, stores, restaurants, churches, schools, and other similar structures. To get this license only needs a business license. There is no state contractor’s examination required but the local county or city government may have a business license examination.

How to Apply for Georgia Contractors License

You need to visit the official website of Rocketcert and create an account. After that, you will be able to access the online application for the contractor’s license. The whole process is pretty straightforward and can be completed within a few minutes.

Once you have submitted the application, it will be reviewed by the Georgia Office of Consumer Protection. They will then contact you to schedule an appointment for the examination. The examination covers business and law, as well as the trade that you have applied for. Because the topics that need to be covered are wide, you need to engage Rocketcert for the contractor’s license exam prep course. The good news is that you can take the examination online, so you don’t have to come to Georgia in person.

After you have passed the examination, the next step is to submit the required documents. These include your proof of identity, Social Security number, business registration, and certificate of insurance. Once your application is complete, you will be issued a Georgia contractors license.

If you are planning to work on a project in Georgia, make sure that you have the proper license. It is the best way to protect yourself and your business. It is also the best way to avoid any legal problems that may arise from working on a project without a license.