Changes in seasons generally have an impact on the lifestyle of people. Therefore as your lifestyle naturally changes due to a change in season, so should your home setting check out Life and Home opinions to accommodate such change. According to Electricfireplacesdirect reviews, When winter(the cold weather) is approaching, it’s time to start expecting cold nights; therefore, you need to make your living room and home, in general, to be more accommodating and ward off those winter woollies. Here are some tips that will help you prepare your room for winter.

Cover your windows with thick window coverings

Sheer curtains are perfect for the winter season but are not too suitable for keeping the cool out and keeping the heat in. Therefore, if your windows are lacking window covers, it’s time to invest in roller blinds, insulated or layered curtains.

Use multiple layers of texture

If you want to redecorate your living room for winter, then you should consider using warming hints of timber, cozy knitted throws, and plush velvet. You can also consider constructing a new set of cushions to create a snug space for cuddling up. Choosing a textured rug, rustic décor and piles of throw cushions make your living room feel cozy and warm.

Get a new heater

If you don’t already have an efficient heater, then it’s time to get one. The best type of heater for your living room depends on the size of your living room and how frequently you want to be using the heater. Electric heaters are portable and affordable options to consider. They are perfect for renters and if they will not be used for longer periods and in large spaces.

Gas heaters are perfect for large spaces and for those you wish to heat their living rooms for longer periods. Reverse cycle heaters or air conditioners are more expensive but may seem to be worth it considering how economical it is and the amount of heat they generate.  

Stock up firewood

If your living room has a fireplace, then it’s time to consider stocking up firewood for the coming winter season. You need to stock up wood earlier enough for it to dry up and store in the right storage condition.

Cover your color palette

During summer, it’s okay to have your interior décor with neutral and vibrant colors to reflect the season. However, during winter, you have to say bye-bye to those colors and embrace warming colors like dusty pinks, olive green and terracotta to create an inviting and cozy retreat from the cold weather.

Cover up hard floors

If you have concrete floors, hardwood or tiles, during winter, using rugs is an effective way to keep your living room. Hard floors are chilly underfoot during winter and don’t hold in heat. Therefore if you don’t have underfloor heating, then it’s time to purchase rugs for your hard floor.

Change your lights

You can transform your living room with simple lights during winter. Icicle lights, curtain lights and net lights are suitable during winter. If you want to transform your space, you can consider using a chandelier that looks like ice. Changing your entire wall lamps can give your living room a warm and welcoming look.