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Dedicated hosting is one of the most popular and holds the second-largest market share among all web hosting. Around 27.9% of the total market share is hosted by dedicated hosting due to its exclusivity.

Dedicated web hosting provides its users with an entire server dedicated exclusively to their needs, which makes sure the user gets unparalleled control, performance, and security. 

In this article, we shall discuss what makes a dedicated server the best hosting provider option for big businesses. Also, we will understand the applications of dedicated server hosting. 

Use Cases of Dedicated Hosting for Big Business

  • Competent to Handle a Large Volume of Traffic

A Dedicated Server is solely dedicated to hosting a single website or application. 

It means all the generous resources will be set and channelised to handle the large traffic volume effortlessly. This is one of the most common and primary use cases of a Dedicated Server. 

  • Host multiple websites

Dedicated hosting gives you the power and quality to manage multiple web pages on a single server. 

The key benefit the dedicated web hosting service providers enjoy is that they get to offer their products and plans through dedicated web hosting, as it is the most reliable and provides high-quality performance to their users. 

  • Can run heavy and practical software

Dedicated web hosting allows users to run significant function software on a server without any issues. 

The server allows to maintain high uptime, support heavy resources and manages heavy workload without disruption.

  • Executing a dedicated firewall

With a dedicated firewall, you create a shield around your data and server that helps to keep your data safe against cyber attacks. 

You also get the privilege to choose and customise the firewall that best suits your security needs. It’s a way to make your server additional secure and tailored to your protection preferences.

  • Supports GitHub

Most people need to be made aware that even though GitHub is free, it limits the size for repos, i.e., from 1 GB to 100 GB, which creates a problem, especially when you have lots of media files. 

But with a dedicated server, you don’t get storage issues. So you can quickly get a plan that fits your needs and also upgrade it. Therefore, the perfect setup for your private GitHub repository is a dedicated server!

  • Gaming servers

You can create an engaging gaming experience as a dedicated server helps to provide a fast, stable, and reliable connection – with no chance of latency or lag. 


It is an ideal solution for hosting private multiplayer video games, with power and scalability to allow smooth, responsive gameplay on even the most resource-intensive MPGs. 


With dedicated servers, you will have complete root access control, so you can optimise your server to meet the demands of the game. 

  • Intensive ecommerce

Dedicated hosting is the most suitable option for hosting intensive commerce web pages as they are more subject to high-volume traffic, especially during seasonal sales, product launches, etc.

With a dedicated server, you can handle a high number of transactions simultaneously and operate resource-intensive ecommerce software without a pitfall. It also favours maintaining crucial performance metrics like page speed and lowering the chances of cart abandonment.




Therefore, the dedicated server holds a significant market share due to its exclusivity and the unmatched control, performance, and security it offers, making it a preferred choice among large businesses.