In the world of Web Hosting, you may come across two popular terms: Reseller Web Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. 

Before we start pointing out the key differences between Reseller Web Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, it is essential to know that these are starkly different things, despite both being hosting services, things that do not have much resemblance. 

While Dedicated Hosting is a hosting service that helps you host your website, Reseller Hosting services help you sell hosting services, like Dedicated Hosting, to your clients and build a hosting business.

In simpler words, entrepreneurs often generate revenue by selling Web Hosting services by acting as Reseller Hosts. And they often include Dedicated Hosting in their Reseller Hosting plans

Reseller Hosting

  • Reseller Hosting is a hosting solution in which an individual or business purchases the Hosting from a parent company and then resells them to the end users or clients.
  • Windows or Linux Reseller Hosting allows hosting resellers to create multiple accounts and allocate the resources per the client’s need.
  • Hosting resellers don’t have to invest much in the infrastructure because they only have to manage the customers and handle server maintenance, security, and technical support.
  • Hosting resellers can purchase hosting in bulk, and after setting their own prices for Reseller plans, they sell them to the clients. It allows them to generate a stream of revenue.

Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated Hosting is a solution in which the user will get the entire physical server and its resources solely dedicated to the user’s website or applications. 
  • It offers unmatched performance and control over the resources.
  • With this, you can quickly scale up and down the resources according to your business requirements.
  • It gives full root or administrative access to the server, which allows the individual or business to customize their hosting environment by installing the custom software and settings.
  • It also provides higher security and tools to safeguard your online presence.

Reseller Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Aspect Reseller Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Server Ownership Server ownership depends on various services The entire server is dedicated to your use
Resource Allocation Resource allocation depends on the chosen services Full access to all server resources
Control and Customization Choosing a shared server with Reseller Hosting will offer less control and customization Complete root/admin access for control
Scalability Limited scalability options depending on the reseller plans you choose Highly scalable, easy resource upgrades
Performance Depends on the Hosting Plans High performance with dedicated resources
Cost Lower cost if you choose a shared hosting service Higher cost due to dedicated resources
Management Managed by hosting provider Can be managed by the hosting provider as well as self
Security Different hosting plans offer different security measures Enhanced security with full control
Flexibility Flexible resource allocation depending on the hosting plans Install any software as per your needs
Suitable for Businesses selling Reselling Hosting plans High-traffic websites/applications

What to Choose?

If you want to resell Web Hosting services by handling customers efficiently, go with the best Reseller Hosting. Or if you require a high-performance Web Hosting service with full root access and a plethora of options for customization, then a Dedicated Hosting service will be a suitable choice for you.


Reseller and Dedicated Hosting are both designed to cater the different purposes. Thus the users need to understand the difference between choosing the one more aligned with their needs, goal, and budget.


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