Every business – regardless of the size – wins and loses customers every day. Many people create their opinions about a business without ever visiting the business’s physical structure. It is no secret that most people take online reviews into account before conducting a business transaction. This has made a lot of businesses endeavor to get more reviews (mostly positive) on review websites to ensure new customers are flocking in.

In the same vein, with each business trying to display efficiency and in a bid to build credibility, it has become a lot easier for everyone to perform a transaction with a strange business by simply searching for a review about it. On UK Collected reviews, you can scroll through the company’s review to see what people are saying about them and also to ask questions. Take for instance; you want to send money to your family or friends living very far away, say another country and you have no clue how to go about it. Then, probably in the course of your search for the best means, you came across WorldRemit. All you have to do is go to UK Collected reviews to learn more about WorldRemit by reading customers’ experiences, complaints, and feedback.

Here are some other review sites that you can use when looking for more information about companies.

·         Amazon Customer Review

Amazon is one of the best sites for people looking to make good and informed purchase decisions with over 25 years of credibility. The good customer reviews are what sets apart the product you want from a look alike. On Amazon, products are rated on a five-star rating scale, which is broken down by review percentage per star which is followed up by the most helpful customer experiences and opinions to help guide you to make the best purchase decision.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is also one of the best review sites geared toward providing the best service business in the U.S. This site also reduces anonymous reviews which help cut down fake and misrepresentative reviews because users actually have to pay for membership. The reviews are given on an A-F scale which is free from lots of ranting and raving common to other free review sites.


Yelp is also a very popular review platform with an average traffic of about 40 million where users can publish reviews about local businesses. Yelp provides information about businesses with their health inspection scores. Yelp also trains businesses on how to respond to reviews and also hosts events for yelp reviewers (a.k.a. yelpers). You can glance through yelpers business reviews to gather information about a business.

These are just a few of the numerous review sites you can visit when looking for more information about companies before doing business with them. However, it is worthy of note that each industry has niche review sites so it is best you visit the niche site of the company in question and do not forget to drop your review too; you may be helping the next prospective customer.