Dedicated IP Address

Email communication has been one of the most popular and effective techniques Among the different digital marketing strategies to persuade the target audience towards your brand.

Moreover, given the increasing dependence on email marketing, the demand for Domain Hosting NZ is also rising. One primary reason behind this is the necessity of customizing your emails for better brand reputation and performance.

Additionally, businesses are looking for solutions to support email marketing campaigns end-to-end for maximum deliverability without compromising quality. NZ Email Hosting is a popular choice for meeting these objectives.

But did you know a dedicated IP address is also a great addition to your email marketing campaigns? Let’s find out how in this blog. 

Benefits of Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address can easily be considered a personalized email ID address used by only one business without having to share the assets and resources with other businesses. 

It is an integral aspect of email marketing as it allows businesses to communicate with their target audience with an individual identity as a sender.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a dedicated IP address.

  • Complete Control

One key benefit of a dedicated IP is the ability to control the entire email deliverability and results. When a business opts for shared IP, it cannot control the content quality of other users, and poor quality can directly impact your campaign performance.

However, with dedicated IP, businesses have complete ownership, making it more secure without impacting other businesses or outside campaigns.

  • Improved Brand Image

Using a dedicated IP to send emails for a marketing campaign helps increase the credibility of your business as a sender, minimizing the risk of the emails landing in the spam folder. 

This is because a dedicated IP indicates a positive brand image. As no other user can hinder the email quality, the target audience begins trusting the business with a dedicated IP.

  • Better Email Delivery Performance

One thing with email marketing is that, at times, not all the emails sent are delivered due to multiple reasons. This causes poor conversion results for a business. 

With a dedicated IP, a business can benefit from confirmed email delivery after building up gradual consistency. It further helps with a better market reputation.

Email Marketing with Dedicated IP

Email marketing is one of the traditional digital marketing strategies that solely revolves around creating brand awareness while boosting conversion rates.

The basics of any email marketing campaign are simple. They contain catchy headlines, a creative email body, a clear call to action, and personalized elements for maximum conversion. 

But what if, even after carefully curating your email content, your email never lands in the user’s inbox?

This is one of the top concerns for most businesses relying on heavy email marketing campaigns regularly. A business can do everything right and still fail to land in the inbox. This is where dedicated IP email marketing comes into play.


With a dedicated IP address for email, the email deliverability performance can change significantly, given the many benefits mentioned above.

It is crucial, however, to know that a dedicated IP address in email marketing is only helpful if your business sends out a minimum of 3,000-5,000 emails a day or a total of over 1,50,000 emails in a month. This is because fewer emails would make it difficult to assess the results.

Email marketing is here to stay, so understanding your business objectives and investing in a dedicated IP email hosting service is the right decision. 

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