How To Keep Your Lawn Always Green During The Hot Summer Months

8 Tips to Keep Lawn Green in Summer Heat - The Daily Gardener

There are many ways that individuals can keep their grass green, especially during the summer months. It is very obvious that most Americans are crazy about their laws. Most people spend about $8.5 billion on lawn care alone. However, it doesn’t matter how much money an individual may come to spend on their lawn. During the summer months, it is almost inevitable for grass to turn brown. It is important to establish regular lawn care maintenance. For those that live in Texas, they can even take advantage of an irrigation service in The Colony, TX.

Always make sure to mow high. Turn the mower on a higher setting and aim to leave the grass about 3 inches high. There are blades that are taller which can give the root system a lot more shade. This helps keep everything much cooler during the hot summer days. Another benefit of a taller blade is that it gives the grass stronger and deeper roots.

Also, make sure to do regular watering. Consistent watering of the grass will help immensely. Shallow watering won’t do too much to prevent grass from turning brown. A good tip to keep in mind is to remember to water deeply once to twice a week. In order to keep the grass green, it is important for it to have at least one to one and a half inches of water each week. It is also possible to pre-program any irrigation system that individuals use at home to water the grass for them.

It is also beneficial to do most of the watering in the early part of the day. Five o’clock is a perfect time to water the grass. Again, for those that are making use of irrigation systems, they can program the system to water the grass early in the morning. This is beneficial so the grass will have ample time to dry during the day. This, in turn, prevents any fungal diseases from developing.

Also, remember that a mower that is not maintained correctly will harm a person’s lawn. Sharpening the blades as needed as well as changing the oil, spark plugs, and filter will have a huge impact on the mower overall. Blades that are dull will not do a great job. Dull blades will also leave brown tips on the grass blades. There are many landscaping contractors that will also be able to provide these services.

For those individuals that own pets, they need to also make sure that any pet waste is repaired within the law as soon as possible. These spots in the grass can become overly fertilized when a dog, for example, handles his business on the grass. There are many lawn repair kits that homeowners can purchase that will take care of any brown spots in just four days maximum.

Finally, fertilizer is a great tip to keep green grass from turning brown over time. Every six weeks is a great rule of thumb to go by when it comes to fertilizing the grass. Sometimes it may cause the grass to grow too quickly especially when using traditional fertilizers. Fertilizers that contain lower nitrogen levels anywhere between 10 and 14 work better at keeping the grass green thus minimizing the growth rate.

An irrigation service in The Colony can help maintain green grass. Individuals that reside in TX, can find many systems to assist them in keeping their lawns in great shape. These tips overall will work in keeping grass from turning brown.