How to Generate Free Network Marketing Leads?

How to Generate Free Network Marketing Leads?

First, Why Generate Your Own Leads?

Well, this is the way that you are able to get free leads, by generating them on your own. Sure you can pay for leads from lead generation companies, but you are really going to sacrifice quality. You see, paid leads are typically ‘opportunity leads’ and aren’t very specific about what type of business they want to join.

By generating your leads for free, you are essentially going to attract higher quality leads that are serious and want to build a business. Some paid leads are not motivated, not serious and can be a real headache in the end.

Your Best Approach

If you intend on generating free network marketing leads your best approach is absolutely going to be from the internet. The internet allows you to position yourself in a way to be found by only the people who are actively searching for what you have to offer. Some offline methods may work, but nothing is more proven than the internet to generate free network marketing leads.

How To Do Actually Do This?

When it comes to generating your own free leads online you have so many different options. The greatest thing about the internet is how we are able to connect with people so easily. This is especially important because network marketing is about building relationships with people.

Here are some options you can use:

1. Social Media websites: These include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and many others. These are all free to use and are extremely powerful because you can connect with people all over the world. You can add links in different places and direct people back to your website.

2. Blogging: You can set up your own blog and drive traffic to it. Blogs are free to set up and you can add practically anything you want to a blog. You can sign up for a blog at or

3. Videos: Videos are the hottest new trend to hit the internet and there are hundreds of video sharing sites. They are free to use and are super powerful because people get to see you a video. Even if you are shy you can create videos without you being in it. Videos make up over 52% of search results on Google because of their relevancy. Some video sharing sites that get a lot of traffic include,,,, and

4. Articles: Articles, just like this one you are reading are great because you can write about whatever you want. You could write something that would be particularly interesting to your leads, they read it, then you direct them to your web site. Some good article submission sites to use would be this one, and

5. Forums: Forums are used to moderate discussions amongst members. They are free to use and there are practically all types of forums for any given topic. More than likely you have visited a forum once to find an answer to a question. Forums are awesome because you can learn a lot from them and get a lot of traffic to your web site and convert that traffic to leads. Go to Google and type in whatever topic your interested in and then add the word forum. You will find many results. is a good place to find free network marketing leads.

6. Free Classifieds: Free classifieds are great because one they are free and two, they allow you to target specific people. Some good free classified sites are and Simply sign up and then post a free classified about whatever you want and leave your link at the bottom.

Important To Remember

Even though the internet is a great marketing vehicle and will allow you to generate your own free network marketing leads do not forget that this is an industry about people. You have to gain people’s trust in order for them to buy anything from you or sign up with your company.

There is a specific formula you must follow if you successful intend to grow your business online and get to 50-100+ leads per day. Lead with value, be attractive and rest will fall into place

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