BYJU’s Strategy for growth

During the initial days of the Byju’s journey, the founder started his entrepreneurial journey by teaching 30-40 students at Jyoti Nivas College. Over a period of time, this number increased to 1200, due to the word of the mouth marketing by his students itself. This was one of the most strategic advantages that the company has got during the initial days itself.

For any business growth, you must have to keep to things in mind, the first one is the execution strategy and the second one is the revenue strategy for growth. If both these strategies are implemented efficiently then the kind of the outcome you will be getting will be really tremendous as well as marvelous.

1 Passion for teaching:  The founder had a strong passion for teaching the students. If you really want to be successful in building a great business, then you need to focus on one thing ignoring all the other things that come on the way. You must have a strong inclination towards one particular topic. Passion is what, that really comes from inside out, so it is the motivation to do something without expecting anything in return.

2 Nailing the right opportunity at the right time:  When it comes to a successful business strategy implementation, hitting the right opportunity at the right time plays a very crucial role. One may not know when the opportunity knocks the door, so whenever it comes to be ready to give your 100%. Around 10 … Read the rest

UPS to Integrate its Logistics and Shipping Services into Square’s Online Store

Hasil gambar untuk UPS to Integrate its Logistics and Shipping Services into Square Online Store

Last year, March 20, Square announced the launch of a web-based platform—dabbed Square Online Store—that would assist SMEs to set up shop and expand their footprint.  

The solution was rolled out alongside Square Retail, and the two products were created to provide retailers with the all the tools they needed to set up and scale an omnichannel company. 

Then in a recent press release, UPS went public with news of joining forces with tech and payment firm Square. In particular, the shipping service will incorporate its delivery services into the Square Online Store. 

These joint efforts seek to offer small companies a one-stop-solution to retail and shipping services. Square clients who no longer have to worry about customer orders, can now access UPS’s shipping service and even enjoy shipping and delivery options that more established firms use.

On top, small firms that use Square Online Store will be entitled to waived surcharges and cut rates to the tune of 55% off normal UPS rates.

According to Kevin Warren, Chief Marketing Officer for UPS, the shipping service joined Square Online Store because it recognizes the critical role of streamlining the shipping process in the growth and success of micro-businesses.

 “This new square integration offers users hassle-free and affordable entry to United Postal Service’s first-class shipping & delivery services within a platform they already know how to use.”

For the United Postal Service, this move goes in line with the well-thought-out partnership deals it has entered in a bid to streamline and … Read the rest

Sell Home Fast Investment Companies – Changing The Rule of Investment Norms

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Mac Home Development

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No Stepping Back in Property Transaction

“Sell my home quick Jacksonville” speculators will give you ensured money offers for selling your homes or investment property. They won’t retreat from their guarantee considerably after experiencing your home condition or circumstance. Aside from creating a prompt money offer, quick homes … Read the rest