When you’re managing a home internet business you have to make sure that you stay updated with latest online marketing trends. Here are 5 online marketing trends that are developing right now.

1. The Expansion Of Mobile.

Over 25% of internet users only access the internet by using a mobile device. And this figure continues to grow. In April 2015 Google modified their search algorithm formula and if your website is not ‘mobile friendly’ your search engine rankings, and inevitably your web traffic, is going to take a hit. Websites that are not ‘mobile friendly’ will not show up in Google searches made when using mobile devices.

2. The Power Of Social Media.

Social media has never been more important for a home internet business. More and more people are looking for their favorite brands and products on social media and if they can find you there, chances are they will click through to your website to find out more information. Social media offers your business an incredible opportunity to connect with your target audience, increase your exposure, generate leads and bring in sales.

3. Providing Top Quality Content.

Quality is more important than quantity. Google will reward websites that provide good quality content rather than those that provide a lot of low quality content. Quality content helps to establish you as an authority in your industry. You will also find that people will start to trust you more and will share your website content with others. Remember that your content should be written in a way that is easy for humans to read, not just search engine spiders.

4. Video Marketing.

Every month, over 1 billion people use YouTube. And with Google owning YouTube, these two big boys can send plenty of traffic to your website. You don’t need expensive software or plugins either. You can make a basic video very quickly by putting together a slideshow presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint and exporting to video format. Or you can go a step further and make a video with you talking about the benefits of your product or service, all filmed and uploaded via your smart phone.

5. Tracking and Internet Marketing Metrics.

When you analyse what your website visitors do on your website, you can tweak your website so that your visitors get a far better experience on your website and this will lead to an improvement in sales. It is also more important than ever before to monitor your return on investment (ROI) for paid marketing. There are now new analytics that measure ROI for mobile marketing and social media promotions. Even the smallest home internet business will need to get to grips with internet marketing metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing spend and to avoid paying too much for targeted traffic and leads.